we help you understand your biomolecule

        and gain insight into your cell active nature


since 1992 we provide top-level-support to the life sciences research community

with premium analytical tools, reagents, custom-made products & solutions

for the generation, management & research of cells & biomolecules as well.

review our extensive portfolio in the product contents below for your application demands in your cell & protein & nucleic acid research.



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baculovirus expression products
yeast & bacterial expression expression products
recombinant bioactive proteins & factors
antibodies unlabeled & labeled - immunotag products    (in preparation!)
ELISA kits - immunotag products
cell - proteomic - protein - nucleic acid analysis products
gen lysates & premade tissue blots
chromatography & centrifugation products
chemicals & biochemicals & reagents   (in preparation!)











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