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CELL CONCEPTS gmbh, founded in 1992 , is a private owned german commercial enterprise for cell & biomolecule research tools & chemicals..

associate & managing director: jörg kandzia, dipl. biol. / kfm.

proprietors: sabine kandzia, jörg kandzia

freiburg hrb 4306

vat no. DE156596194.

the company is located in the upper rhine valley 12 km far from the city of freiburg, between the hills of the black forrest and the vineyards of
kaiserstuhl and tuniberg.



CELL CONCEPTS purpose is trading & service by providing our customers with the critical tools needed in order to improve cell & tissue and biomolecule research as well and advance upcoming results, with the focus to achieve upmost customer satisfaction


CELL CONCEPTS objectives are holding on disposal  a defined choice  portfolio with high efficient innovative and cost-effective products. these targets are beeing accomplished through a culture of continuous improvement of our efforts in order to support  the cell and tissue research community  in the life sciences, biology sciences and  biotech market .


CELL CONCEPTS competence in cell and tissue technologies is based on long lasting theoretical and practical expert knowledge in the fields of cell biology, biochemistry and basic as well as transplantation immunology.


CELL CONCEPTS comprehensive product portfolio combines reagents and tools  in order to grow and develop cells and tissues in their specific
and genuine microenvironments, to stimulate their differentiation and life function and to analyse or manipulate their functional metabolism or communication.


CELL CONCEPTS offers unique and excellent customer services in order to meet customers special requirements and accomplish demands in their specific area of cell and tissue research.



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