Baculovirus based recombinant protein expression services



consider CELL CONCEPTS GmbH as your efficient partner of choice and learn more about our

special customer-led service & policy in order to supporting with expert knowledge open customer demands.


we are prepared to produce and manufacture your individual

-     virus like particles (vlp) including vlp vaccines

-     rec protein by baculovirus expression in mammalian cells

-     rec protein by baculovirus expression in insect cells


furthermore we are prepared to offer an unique and innovative

-     gene to antibody service.

simply provide us with a DNA sequence and we will produce both an antigenic recombinant protein (or vlp) and an antibody to that protein / vlp as part of one comprehensive project.


we guarantee in providing a seamless and efficient service, optimized to promptly deliver the best possible results. we are pleased to discussing with you the special request, to making a proof of feasibility and to sending you a detailed quotation.

for any information do not hesitate to contact via or call +49 (0)7665 98 04 10.





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