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Welcome to our OET Baculovirus Expression customer service products list. You can order all of the listed service products by submitting a quotation request for the relevant article number. This section also contains further info about all of the listed service products by links to the specific data sheets.  Please click the products article number.
For technical product data sheets please request info by mail to info@cellconcepts.de
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Virus like particle (VLP) production including VLP vaccines
If you are interested in partnering with OET to produce VLPs please contact us for a discussion of how we could work together
O-SERV01 CELL CONCEPTS is now able to apply Oxford Expression Technologies (OET) flashBAC baculovirus expression system to vaccine production, particularly in the exciting new field of virus like particle (VLP) vaccines. A virus like particle is an assembly of virus structural proteins that mimics the configuration of a real virus, except that it contains no genetic material. If a person is vaccinated with VLPs then an immune response is generated as if the immune system has been presented with a real virus. However as the VLPs do not contain any genetic material they are unable to replicate, and as such are harmless to the person who has been vaccinated. However, that person will now be protected against infection by the real (pathogenic) virus. These characteristics mean that the VLP platform has huge potential for use as an extremely effective anti viral vaccine. on quote
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BacMam - Baculovirus expression in mammalian cells
If you are interested to learn more about the key advantages of the system over traditional mammalian expression procedures, please contact CELL CONCEPTS:
O-SERV02 CELL CONCEPTS is now able to apply Oxford Expression Technologies (OET) BacMam expression service - baculovirus expression in mammalian cells. The flashBAC baculovirus expression system is ideally suited for use with the rapidly developing BacMam system, in which baculoviruses are used for protein expression in mammalian cell lines. The BacMam system is gaining in popularity as it offers significant advantages when compared to other mammalian expression techniques.  on quote
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Gene to Antibody service
If you are interested in partnering with OET to produce starting from your DNA sequence the corresponding recombinant antigen and custom antibody as well, please contact CELL CONCEPTS:
O-SERV03 CELL CONCEPTS is now able to provide Oxford Expression Technologies (OET) unique and innovative antibody service. Simply provide us with a DNA sequence and we will produce both an antigenic recombinant protein (or VLP) and an antibody to that protein/VLP as part of one comprehensive project! We provide a seamless and efficient service, optimized to promptly deliver the best possible results. on quote
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baculoXPRESS Pilot scale project service
If you are interested to learn more about the OET baculoEXPRESS Pilot scale project service, please contact CELL CONCEPTS:
O-SERV04 Can you afford to outsource your recombinant protein production? Try our test expression service and you’ll find you can’t afford not to! This rapid, small scale production service uses our unique flashBAC system to quickly undertake pilot protein production, with optional scale up to follow! Test our service with confidence without breaking your budget. on quote
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