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For detection of RNAse contamination
Article No. Description Size  L-Price / Size
G-786-115 RNase-DETECT 50 Tests 219,90
G-786-116 RNase-DETECT 100 Tests 324,00
Kills RNase on contact
Article No. Description Size  L-Price / Size
G-786-70 RNaseOUT 250 ml Spray 36,80
G-786-71 RNaseOUT 1 ltr refill 72,60
To quickly remove DNA and RNA
contaminations from glass and plastic wares. 
Article No. Description Size  L-Price / Size
G-786-74 DNA OUT 250 ml 36,80
G-786-75 DNA OUT 1 Ltr 72,60
Molecular Biology Grade Salts & Waters
Article No. Description Size  L-Price / Size
G-R033 Molecular Biology (Salts) Universal Kit 12 x 25 ml 241,60
Ammonium acetate [5M] Calcium chloride [1M] EDTA, pH8.0 [0.5M] Lithium acetate [1M] Magnesium chloride [1M] Potassium acetate [3M] SDS [10%] Sodium acetate, pH5.2 [3M] Sodium chloride [5M] TE Buffer [100X] Tris, pH7.0 [1M] Tris, pH8.0 [1M]
G-786-670 Water, Endotoxin Free  500 ml 17,30
G-786-671 Water, Endotoxin Free 1L 28,20
G-786-292 Molecular Grade Water; DNase/RNase & Protease FREE 500 ml 21,70
G-786-293 Molecular Grade Water; DNase/RNase & Protease FREE 1L 30,30
G-786-117 DEPC Treated Water 100 ml 20,60
G-786-118 DEPC Treated Water 500 ml 31,40
G-786-109 DEPC Treated Water 1L 48,80
G-786-229 Proteomic Grade Water 1L 30,30
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