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DNA Polymerases
Article No. Description Size  L-Price / Size
Taq Polymerase
G-786-447 Taq DNA polymerase 1000U 49,80
G-786-448 Taq DNA polymerase 5 x 1000U 188,50
G-786-449 Taq  Polymerase (2X MasterMix) 100 Reactions 68,30
Pfu Polymerase
G-786-816 Pfu Polymerase 500U 96,40
G-786-817 Pfu Polymerase (2x MasterMix) 40 Reactions 71,50
Article No. Description Size  L-Price / Size
Deoxynucleotides (dNTPs) Set
G-786-460 Deoxynucleotide Set [100mM]/ 4 x 25umole 4 x 25 µmole 87,80
G-786-465 dATP [100mM] 25µmole 22,80
G-786-466 dCTP [100mM] 25µmole 22,80
G-786-467 dGTP [100mM] 25µmole 22,80
G-786-468 dTTP [100mM] 25µmole 22,80
Deoxynucleotides (dNTPs) Mix
G-786-442 Deoxynucleotide Mix [10mM], 5 x 0.5ml 25 µmole 85,60
G-786-443 Deoxynucleotide Mix [10mM], 0.5ml 5 µmole 19,50
G-786-457 Deoxynucleotide Mix [25mM], 1ml 25µmole 85,60
G-786-458 Deoxynucleotide Mix [25mM], 5ml 125µmole 368,40
G-786-459 Deoxynucleotide Mix [25mM], 25ml 250µmole 682,60
PCR Clean Up
Article No. Description Size  L-Price / Size
Spin-OUT for PCR
Remove contaminants after PCR
G-786-174 SpinOUT PCR20, Micro 10 Columns 62,80
G-786-175 SpinOUT PCR32, Micro 10 Columns 96,40
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