Nucleic Acid Assay      
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NUCLEIC dotMetric Assay
A 1µl assay for rapid estimation of DNA, RNA & Oligo concentrations
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G-786-60 NUCLEIC dotMETRIC Basic Kit >300 Assays 274,10
G-786-61 NUCLEIC dotMETRIC Basic Kit with Spot Application Device & 1µl Capillary Tips >300 Assays 419,30
G-786-63 dotMETRIC™ Spot Application Device 1 162,50
G-786-23 1ml Application Glass Capillary Tips 100 31,40
G-786-24 Developing Trays  2 20,60
G-786-64 dotMETRIC Sample Application (Pipette) Tips  96 Tips 23,80
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