Hybridization Buffers      
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Buffer-System for perfect cleaner backgrounds. A high performance hybridization buffer system providing researchers with unprecedented simplicity, reliability, accuracy, and cost saving for hybridization. EKONO™ hybridization buffer is suitable for all types of probes. Suitable for Southern/Northern or Southwestern hybridization analysis, hybridization with oligonucleotides or other types of probes, and for hybridization screening of gene libraries.
Article No. Description Size  L-Price / Size
G-786-160 EKONO buffer 1000 ml 114,80
Hyb-LINK™ is a high performance formamide-free hybridization solution for Northern, Southern and Dot blots that increases sensitivity of random-primer DNA probes. Hyb-LINK™ capitalizes on increased sensitivity of blot hybridization without increasing background, and therefore, it provides reliable and accurate hybridization. Hyb-LINK™ is compatible with both RNA and DNA probes (radio-labeled or non-isotopic).
Article No. Description Size  L-Price / Size
G-786-405 HYB-LINK buffer 125 ml 134,30
G-786-406 HYB-LINK buffer 4 x 125 ml 391,10
Other Hybridization Buffers
Article No. Description Size  L-Price / Size
Church & Gilbert
Church & Gilbert’s Hybridization Buffer is prepared from molecular biology grade SDS, monosodium phosphate, EDTA and BSA Fraction V using DNase, RNase and Protease-free water.
G-786-558 Church & Gilbert (2x) 250 ml 63,90
G-786-559 Church & Gilbert (2x) 500 ml 107,30
Denhardt Solution
Suitable for nucleic acid hybridization. Denhardt's solution is a mixture of high-molecular weight polymers capable of saturating non-specific binding sites and artificially increasing the concentration of available probe.
G-786-525 Denhardt Solution (100x) 50 ml 95,30
Hybridization denaturing & neutralising solutions
G-R015 Hybridization denaturing solution 1000 ml 49,80
G-R016 Hybridization denaturing solution 1 gal 79,10
G-R017 Hybridization neutralising solution 1000 ml 57,40
G-R018 Hybridization neutralising solution 1 gal 107,30
G-786-528 Hybridization solution 1 1000 ml 61,80
SSC - Saline-Sodium Citrate Hybridization Buffer
Saline-Sodium Citrate Hybridization Buffer controls stringency during the washing steps in Southern blotting, in situ hybridization, DNA microarray or Northern blotting. (20X) SSC may be used to prevent the drying of agarose gels during a vacuum transfer.
G-786-023 SSC (20x) 500 ml 23,80
G-R019 SSC (20x) 1000 ml 39,00
G-R020 SSC (20x) 1 gal 99,70
SSPE - Saline-Sodium Phosphate-EDTA Hybridization Buffer
Saline-Sodium Phosphate-EDTA Hybridization Buffer
G-786-024 SSPE (20x) 500 ml 23,80
G-R021 SSPE (20x) 1000 ml 39,00
G-R022 SSPE (20x) 1 gal 98,60
TMAC - Tetramethyl ammonium chloride
A 3X concentrated tetramethyl ammonium chloride hybridization solution
G-786-538 TMAC Hyb solution (3x) 1000 ml 100,80
A general molecular biology and hybridization buffer
G-786-470 TNT buffer 100 ml 44,40
G-786-471 TNT buffer 500 ml 98,60
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